What is Predatory Gangstalking?

Predatory gangstalking is an umbrella term used to describe a series of techniques utilized by organized crime and corrupt networks to instill mental instability within a victim. Continuing further, the techniques of gangstalking can be considered to be highly coordinated acts of crime and terror utilized with the intent to harass an individual through a mob of harassers, watchers, bullies, hackers and irritants. Perceptual manipulation, mind games, organized stalking, covert harassment and even electronic harassment are used to create this mental instability within a victim. This artificially created mental instability may lead a victim to the destruction of the victims relationships and trust with family and friends, have their careers sabotated, their name discredited, and be driven to homelessness, institutionalization, incarceration and even suicide. A lack of support, authentic help as well as societal acceptance and openness are contributing factors in leaving a victim to have their life in ruins, and may ultimately result in their suicide.

October 13, 2014

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