What is Electronic Harassment?

Electronic harassment is the utilization of an electronic device or direct energy weapons used with the intent to impair, harass, manipulate or sabotage an individual. This is a technique that is utilized in tandem to significantly enhance the effects of the already effective tactics used in predatory gangstalking.

At it’s origin, electronic harassment is the use of an electronic device to harass, impair or manipulate and individual. A few examples of this would be pointing a laser pointer into someones eye or planting an electronic board in a concealed spot near a place of a victim’s activities that emits a loud beep or chosen sound at preset or random intervals. Other devices used as a form of electronic harassment are high frequency noise emitters, brighting campaigns and ultrasonic devices.

To keep things simple when discussing direct-energy weapons, a generalization of the type of direct energy weaponry used would be primarily energy based ELF, microwave, millimeter waves and radioactive types; however it is worth noting that there are other types utilized as well. An example of using and manufacturing this weaponry is actually much easier then one may think. Similar to more commonly known “homemade weaponry,” an example of manufacturing this weaponry would consist of an individual taking apart the components of a store-bought microwave and reassembling it to be pointed in a chosen trajectory. Once the device is fired or discharged towards an specified target, anyone exposed there will suffer from a number of different effects. Similar to how one would be become significantly impaired if they stuck their head in a microwave oven, a target assaulted by this weaponry will suffer from significant thought process and memory problems, a negative sense of well-being and even have their senses impaired or manipulated to the point of incapacitation.

As a reasonable thinker might suggest, a body and mind being under a high level or consistent amount of exposure from microwaves or radioactivity will negatively impact one’s health, sanity and perception. Emphasizing further, the fact that the discharge of this weaponry negatively impacts the environment of anyone within the vicinity of it being used leaves the usage of this weaponry to be potentially described as a type of terrorism.

October 10, 2014

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