What Can A Victim of Gangstalking Do to Protect Themself?

Victims of Gangstalking can face enduring, extreme cases of hardship. Hardship that can stem from a level of control put into their life, environment and relationships. The most important thing that a victim can do is record and document suspicious or directly related events associated with their campaign of stalking. This “case” that is built over time can be reviewed by trusted friends and family, law enforcement and private investigators along with legal council.

Below is an outline of steps that a victim can follow to get organized and work towards building a normal life.

1. Conduct an investigation and build a case – Document, record and collect as much evidence of stalking activity that is occuring. Whether it be frauds attempting identity theft or a paid surviellance crew stalking as a result of blowing the whistle on corruption, build a case of evidence. Law enforcement and private investigators are options that are available to assist with building a case; along with self-documentation.
2. Stay close to trusted friends and family – Many stalking victims will face campaigns of slander, defamation and social isolation that can severely damage a person’s life. With a victim recognizing their most trusted and valuable relationships in their life comes with a solid network of witnesses that can truly assist when any legal proceedings are enacted.
3. Speak to legal council – Speak to a lawyer, attorney, court representative. Speak to someone who can advise a victim of what legal options are available based on what’s happening in a stalking victims life.
4. Take legal action – Get an order of protection against suspected stalkers. Prosecute with legal charges if sufficient evidence is available. Talk to a lawyer or legal reprensentative that can help explain what legal options are available based on your localities laws.
5. Protect yourself – Purchase a security system. Talk to neighbors about what’s happening. Hire a trusted PI to sweep a home for bugs, computer hacking and other cyber crimes. Purchase identity theft protection. Monitor and organize online and social media activity.

Campaigns of stalking and gangstalking alike can ravage a victims life; making a victim feel as if every aspect of their life is controlled or watched. (With some cases this in fact being the reality.) Building a case and securing that data is one of the most important things a victim can do to begin to reclaim their life. That, and to stay strong and stay positive. This too, shall pass.

September 4, 2018

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