TI Day is August 29th – Targeted Individual Day

TI Day, or Targeted Individual Day is August 29th of every year. Wear an awareness T-Shirt, organize with a friend or join one of the many regional protests and acts of awareness occuring near you.

Targeted Individual Awareness Day is a day to recognize and respect the thousands who have had their life harmed and devastated by malicious and predatory stalking and criminal targeting campaigns. Victims stem from fallout that ranges from corruption, drug, sex trafficking and black market trade,  whistleblowers and corporate scandal, predatory parazzi and media exploit campaigns and among many others.

A victim of crime being “targeted” is the backbone to all criminal and violent activity yet law enforcement and government fails to recognize and resolve these issues. Targeted Individual Day is about shedding light on this negligence. About remembering the stories of those who share their experiences today and those whom have been lost, murdered and have perished in our society.


September 12, 2018

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