Defining “Targeted Individual”

Targeted Individual is a term that has faced some serious challenges in regards to reaching proper definition and recognition. If you are to search the term, you’ll find information ranging from a limited perspective to even the flat out absurd. With that said, there is no denying that criminal targeting of many types exists worldwide and is a significant issue. And this is where the term Targeted Individual really comes into perspective.

At it’s root, the term targeted individual defines simply quite that; an individual who has become targeted by whomever. This could be criminal syndicates, extremists, political groups, or from corruption in all levels of government, business and society.

You’ll find today that the term strays away from this broad perspective and closely defines it to specific, less recognized types of targeting such as gangstalking or some definitions that are flat out made up. What this effectively accomplishes is it leaves authentic “Targeted Individuals” without proper support, community or information. At the time of writing this, the gangstalking movement is faced with similar problems and challenges. Disinformation or a limited perspective is presented as part of campaigns to discredit and delude authentic supporters, victims and movements.

And this is where the problem lays, a victim of crime will have limited support outlets or even recognition in their life challenges and victimization. With potential corrupt law enforcement, limited ability to disappear and shoddy victim support systems; community with other victims is a potential solution. A tool that is available to build community and present valuable information is the internet. Presently however, communities surrounding victims of crime and “targeted individuals” is filled with disinformation, trolls and craziness. Thus effectively pushing authentic victims away from proper information, resources and support outlets and into the shadows.

With proper definition, targets and victims of crime are able to have proper recognition and have a higher level of support and resources available to them. It’s this opportunity of assistance as to why campaigns to discredit the term have come to fruition. With that said, this is why it’s crucial to push the definition of targeted individual towards a proper description. Next time you come across the term, be sure that you do not support an ill-conceived description and most importantly, #BeAware.

June 10, 2016

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