Why Are the Police or Government Not Doing Anything?

Because proving predatory gangstalking is very challenging to prove with today’s laws and recognition. Furthermore, describing gangstalking to an unaware officer may lead an officer to believe the victim has mental illness due to the covert and effective nature of the harassment. However some local, county and state police departments have recognized gangstalking. But the challenge of differentiating from authentic gangstalking victims or mental illness is one that lays ahead.

You may find reports that claim that this is apart of a government conspiracy, which is certainly not true. While the government may have developed some of the initial techniques within the controversial MKULTRA and COINTELPRO programs; common day citizens would not be a priority of the government directly to harass or sabotage. It’s from this research that these techniques have been adapted and optimized by organized crime syndicates, corrupt organizations and individuals to be utilized in “covert crime.”

It is worth noting that even simple reports of stalking were considered to be forms of delusions and signs of schizophrenia until an adjustment of policy, culture and awareness occurred in recent decades.

September 28, 2014

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