Gangstalking Support from England and Wales

It seems that new stalking laws and orders are being put forward in England and Wales that will better protect victims at the earliest stage.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said the protection orders being proposed are a “practical solution to a crime taking place right now.”

This is fantastic news for gangstalking victims currently living in the UK.

Theese fantastic new laws offer protection to those not in an intimate relationship with their stalker.

This means anyone targeted by strangers, acquaintances, colleagues and even doctors stalked by patients will be helped.

The orders follow legislation introduced in 2012 which made stalking a specific criminal offence in England and Wales.

In Scotland, stalking has been illegal under the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 and in Northern Ireland it is prohibited under the Protection from Harassment Order (NI) 1997.

Perpetrators of breaking an orders conditions will consist of a criminal offence with a maximum sentence of five years in prison. Also, attending a rehabilitation program or having to undergo treatment for mental health could be a component as well.

December 10, 2016

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