What is Gangstalking Disinformation?

Gangstalking is a type of stalking that is facing some serious challenges as it reaches a pure definition. Presently gangstalking is defined as a type of group or stranger stalking with a harassing or malicious intent.

However a quick google search of the term will yield a bizarre range of results.

These results can vary from the flat out insane, to information that serves with a malicious intent. There is no consistency, substance or credible research that really sticks out. You’ll find organizations that discuss gangstalking as if there is no definite opinion on the subject and discuss some of the worst parts of gangstalking such as the utilization of pyschotronic and direct energy weapons with an unscientific or overly specific regard. You’ll even find information about unpractical and unfounded technologies such as claims that one is undergoing diode-less remote neural monitoring or targeted via satellite. And most other victims are introverted about where the information they share and support comes from.

Typically many bizarre claims from supposed victims come renown individuals grown from astroturf and information that sways away from what big media has already spoken about regarding relevent topics and techniques.

Most of if not all of these claims are false.

The purpose of many of the inconsistent and bizarre information serves to do just that; to make the movement inconsistent and bizarre. This way victims, law makers, researchers, law enforcement, and courts look at the gangstalking with little seriousness. There have even be instances of courts even having maliciously intended cases submitted about gangstalking; to simply waste the courts time and adjust opinion towards a less serious nature.

And information that is true and correct about the seriousness of gangstalking is frowned upon in communities. A direct and bold response towards obvious trolls and malicious “victims” that their claims are incorrect or completely irrelevant typically results in a “shun” of sorts. Resulting in the “truther” to be ousted, and if persistent, perhaps at best only lightly supported within the community but more commonly banned or reprimanded within the online community.

This is also the result of a present shortage of known victims of severe cases of gangstalking. Many do not fully recognize that they are targeted or stalked before it’s to late and others are in the shadows; attempting to lay low. And with the bizarre information and lack of centralized leadership within communities; it can be suggested that real victims are hesitant about staying active online about their story.

Presently, gangstalking’s definition is a mess due to disinformation, astroturfing and mainstream media reports that discuss gangstalking with a regard that information about gangstalking communities is authentically believed; and not the result of stalking efforts itself.

December 19, 2016

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