The Dillemma of Gangstalking and Astroturfing

Gangstalking and it’s proper definition as a social movement is currently in peril. Presently if you are to search the term “gangstalking” or even “targeted individual” you will find a large amount of bizarre information that varies vastly in consistency and accuracy. You’ll observe mentions of some type of “MK” or “Monarch” program, experimentation for remote neural monitoring and machine learning interfaces and even things such as weapons in the sky. All of these don’t exist, at least in the approach that is mentioned within these disinformed communities. Furthermore this type of information puts the proper definition and recognition of gangstalking further into a blur. So why does this bizarre information spread to attempt to improperly define a term that historically has happened for years?

Because of Astroturfing. Astroturfing is the act of artificially creating a “grassroots” movement or influencing parts of it to fall in alignment with a parties goals and objectives. Astroturfing is a technique that is commonly used yet rarely discussed in many types of movements and protests. Astroturfing has occurred in green movements, the Occupy movement and has even been an influence of entirely fake movements; such as the “anti-smoking laws” movement. It’s about creating an artificial movement or influencing an existing one out of man-made resources and funding therefore creating a fake patch of grass like “astroturf” that present themselves as the real thing.

It can be challenging to decipher between astroturfing and grassroots

It can be challenging to decipher between astroturfing and grassroots

In gangstalking, these “fake patches” of grass are commonly fake victims, trolls, and somewhat sensationalized renown individuals within the movement. They are used to delusion and silence real victims and voices along with improperly define the term and push it farther away from proper recognition and awareness. Furthermore, it will push authentic victims away from the community as their conclusions and experiences will actually be separate from claims made by those whom are apart of astroturfing campaigns. You can typically identify astroturfing efforts in gangstalking communities by what type of information is supported and how it is presented. Typically mentions of bizarre theories or a “program” and among many other pieces of information stem from an astroturfing effort. At best, it is possible that the victim could be under significant delusion and mental distress as a result of stalking efforts; along with disinformation the victim has obtained. While this is typically not the case, an authentic victim under delusion further showcases why an astroturfing campaign is so crucial in a stalking effort; as it allows further control over a victim.

And the current problem with alot of reports on gangstalking is it looks at the community versus the act itself. At a community that has been ravaged with trolls, fake victims and astroturfing efforts to further put gangstalking in a realm of crazy. Current media reports on gangstalking have taken an approach of looking at the internet community without any regard of the problem of astroturfing in these communities; despite being overwhelmingly present. This poses a problem and furthermore showcases an incompetence in journalism and even investigation. Nonetheless, it can be challenging to decipher whether a movement or information is astroturf or grassroots.

However astroturfing in gangstalking communities is overwhelmingly present. In fact, one could look at these astroturfing campaigns as proof that there is an effort and investment to negatively influence and impact an effort to seek recognition, awareness and solutions. Why would anyone have an interest to fund an effort to further blur the proper definition of gangstalking? Why are figures that support these blurred definitions sensationalized and promoted by individuals who support this disinformation themselves; yet never have any proof? Why are support groups centered around a topic of “we don’t know whats happening or by whom” such a focus instead of efforts to spread awareness? Why has the movement made little progress on something that has an impending resolution? Why has Stop Gangstalking Awareness Group been banned from making an influence within the Reddit “/r/gangstalking” community?

Because of astroturfing, that’s why. #BeAware

October 14, 2016

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