Are You Aware Yet?

Are You Aware Yet?

Are You Aware Yet?

Predatory Gangstalking is an umbrella term describing a series of techniques utilized by organized crime and corrupt networks to instill mental instability within a victim with the intent to discredit, sabotage, harass, extort and even drive a victim to suicide. Techniques such as mind games, perception manipulation, organized stalking, covert harassment, constant surveillance and even worse, electronic harassment are used to push a victim to mental instability.

This optimized combination of techniques forms a type of psychological warfare presently used by organized crime and corrupt networks in business and government. The fact that proving one’s targeting can be very challenging and also that there is very little law enforcement support and training allows predatory gangstalking to be extremely effective and covert. A victim of predatory gangstalking can have their reputation, credibility, careers, relationships and entire life put into ruins; even being pushed to suicide.

In full scale “targeting,” a victim is pushed through a optimized pipeline and path towards insanity that leads a victim to incarceration. institutionalization and commonly suicide. A victim’s “targeting” initially starts with the constant surveillance of the victim. Their electronics are hacked, their privacy within their home brittled and their movements tracked. As a profile of the victims behaviors and characteristics are built, the victim may start to be stalked and followed. This is called “organized stalking” and are typically consistent of manipulated community watch groups, affiliated networks with organized crime and corruption and sometimes even cults or religious extremists.

Community watch groups are generally good-natured people told lies or distorted realities about the victim; providing a reason or “cause” to stalk the victim. Individuals within the many criminal and corrupt networks are typically more aware and knowledgeable of what is occurring to the victim in comparison with community watch groups. Some of these very same networks also participate in other criminal markets such as drug trafficking and sales, extortion and even prostitution; among others.

The effects of particularly organized stalking will lead a victim to a state of confusion and even fear. The victim will start to encounter larger crowds, odd behaviors and unfriendly greetings with strangers throughout his travels at stores, restaurants and even on the street. Continuing on, organized road convoys are also used to surveille, harass and influence the victims driving on the road. Furthermore, the victim will start to have his senses negatively impacted through covert harassment techniques; Thus filling a victim’s senses with irregularly higher levels of negative noises, sights and sometimes smells that are created with an intent to harass and can become difficult to prove. Noise campaigns, brightening, street theatre, and directed conversations are just a few examples of covert harassment.

Another significant component of the gangstalking pipeline is isolation. This is consistent of pushing a victim’s trusted family and friends away from the victim and leaving the victim without support or acceptance within relationships about the victims targeting. This can be accomplished through smear campaigns which discredit and villainize the victim and some are bribed or extorted into a changed intention. As the victim’s trusted friends and family stray away and other relationships are now stricken by bribery and corruption, the victim will become isolated from others and be left without support and even someone to listen.

Then there is also workplace and career sabotage. While workplace mobbing and harassment is a problem in the office for not just victims of gangstalking, it’s also a technique used with gangstalking victims and can be very effective in eroding an individual’s enjoyable employment or career. A type of bullying, workplace harassment & mobbing harms a victim’s productivity, inflicts emotional distress and damages the ability to professionally network at work. Furthermore, a victim may also even experience unfair work practices; such as a biased level of opportunity provided or unobtainable expectations for an upcoming project or deadline.

While the tragedies of real predatory gangstalking victims are heinous, the sad truth is that some of the techniques, tools and weaponry utilized within Predatory Gangstalking is generally unknown to the public. Techniques and weaponry that presently are being utilized by criminals, thieves and across a wide spectrum of organized crime and situations. Techniques and weaponry in which law enforcement doesn’t have the proper training or equipment to investigate and prosecute; despite officers across all levels of law enforcement themselves at danger of being assaulted by covert energy based weapons. Techniques and weaponry that can even be used against any American family or business to commit robbery, sabotage or harassment.

By weaponry, we mean direct energy weapons (DEW’s). Direct energy weapons is a category of weaponry that defines weaponry that emit controlled levels of energy to perform either lethal and non-lethal functions. These are functions on a non-lethal spectrum that can severely impair and manipulate an individual’s senses, perception and decision making process. And on a lethal spectrum, even cause organ failure without much accountability or suspicion.

DEW’s are used in predatory gangstalking in conjunction with other techniques to propel a victim towards sabotage, mental instability and insanity. One example would consist of emitting microwaves into a victim’s head while at work to severely impair their ability to think and get their job done. Or perhaps harassing with painful heating or even burning sensations in isolated parts of the body. On a more advanced level, DEW’s can even manipulate an individual into paranoia, confusion and even delusion. Another reality is going as far as DEW’s being used to impact a victim’s mood or sense of well-being.

If this sounds hi-tech, it can be a lot simpler than you think. Even much so that anyone could build their own DEW with household materials and parts; with it’s functionality depending on the engineering mindset and resources of it’s creator. While the range of types of direct energy weapons can absolutely vary, one could potentially use components from a microwave oven to build a trajectory based covert weapon to cause mass havoc in a fashion in which presently law enforcement has absolutely no training or even equipment to respond or investigate a situation such as this. Similar to how homemade bombs are significant acts of terrorism, DEW’s (homemade or hi-tech) have the potential to be used in varieties of covert terrorist operations and scenarios; and presently are used everyday in many ways.

Current data allows conclusions that DEW’s have covertly been used on public transit, shopping centers, workplaces and offices, restaurants, residential areas and even in court rooms; to name a few. Furthermore, innocent civilians and bystanders are exposed to the dangers and negative health effects of DEW’s as well. This leads DEW discharges to be argued to be a type of terrorism. However without proper planning and training by law enforcement as well as without proper monitoring for homes, buildings and businesses, DEW’s are left to wreak havoc everyday, without a trace and with extremely effective results.

With such a different and covert type of weapon in comparison of traditional firearms, some ask if new legislation needs to be passed to prohibit the use of these weapons to harm someone. While the discussion and planning of DEW regulation, licensing and possession needs to happen, knowingly firing a DEW at someone without their consent is Assault with a Deadly Weapon. This is because microwaves, radioactivity and high levels of energy emitted from DEW’s have the potential to severely damage one’s body or even become lethal.

Even if in one particular instance the effects of being assaulted by DEW’s are minimal, the weapon used can cause severe bodily harm at any time. A more understood example would be as if someone swung an axe at 1% strength versus 100% at someone. No matter the amount of strength in the swing, serious harm can result from the use of the weapon and each percentage would be considered assault with a deadly weapon. However to achieve a successful investigation and prosecution law enforcement training and equipment needs to be provided to ensure departments are ready to handle this covert yet dangerous weapon.

Overall, predatory gangstalking can quickly and effectively destroy an individual’s life with very little accountability for the harm inflicted. To make accountability a less challenging reality for these crimes, public awareness and education is a important factor. Also important is ensuring that law enforcement, courts and the many different levels of government accept and understand the seriousness of some of the crimes associated with gangstalking. Thus paving the road for the future of DEW acceptance, laws and regulations and even a cultural shift towards acceptance and awareness of organized stalking.

And to make a difference now, we ask for your support. we ask to help us spread the awareness of these covert crimes. Like us on Facebook ( and social media to stay subscribed as the movement grows and evolves. Talk to your friends, family and even the guy you met at the diner about this problem to further spread awareness. Join planned activism events and rallys to have some fun, meet new people and make a difference by spreading awareness. Or you could buy some awareness swag like an awareness bumper sticker or T-Shirt to support the movement and enhance your cool factor. (

Or, just ask your friend, cousin, neighbor, accountant or anyone for that matter, “Are you aware yet?” #stopgangstalking

January 16, 2016

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