Tell the World to “Stop Gangstalking!”

Building an anti-stalking culture is a huge objective of Stop Gangstalking Awareness Group and a big part of building healthy, comfortable and positive communities. Gangstalking roots from hate crimes, criminal activity along with abuse of power within the justice system. With an anti-stalking culture brings with it a positive shift forward and a recognition that […]

Print Your Own Gangstalking Awareness Swag and Flyers!

Would you like to help make difference by printing and distributing gangstalking awareness posters? All you have to do is download one of the templates provided below and get it printed with your favorite printer. Currently, has served the movement outstandly well and is a good place to start. Gangstalking Awareness Stickers Gangstalking Awareness Posters

Postmates Challenge – 24 Hours of Postmates

A postmates challenge has been completed for gangstalking awareness! A Postmates challenge is 24 hours of Postmates with the option to have all proceeds go to your favorite charity or cause. With the support of vendors and contributors, alot of potential is present to raise funds for your chosen cause. With this act of awareness, […]