Tell the World to “Stop Gangstalking!”

Building an anti-stalking culture is a huge objective of Stop Gangstalking Awareness Group and a big part of building healthy, comfortable and positive communities. Gangstalking roots from hate crimes, criminal activity along with abuse of power within the justice system. With an anti-stalking culture brings with it a positive shift forward and a recognition that these crimes and acts must be stopped and addressed.

Help the movement by telling the world to “Stop Gangstalking” with a friend. Share it with your network on social media, send it to a friend and have some fun with it. Create a humorous script, address ridiculous Gangstalking conspiracies and disinformation, or just post a simple 5-10 second clip online showing your support for an anti-stalking culture.

Just a recommendation if you would like to help out. Most of all #BeAware

September 15, 2018

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