Postmates Challenge – 24 Hours of Postmates

A postmates challenge has been completed for gangstalking awareness! A Postmates challenge is 24 hours of Postmates with the option to have all proceeds go to your favorite charity or cause.

With the support of vendors and contributors, alot of potential is present to raise funds for your chosen cause. With this act of awareness, all proceeds were donated towards gangstalking awareness posters and stickers!

Gangstalking Awareness Posters

It was a very exciting to receive these posters and it will be even more exciting to pass them out.

Receive a Free Gangstalking Poster

You can receive a free awareness poster sent to you by simply posting a video online of you shouting “Stop Gangstalking!” Feel free to watch the video above for an example. Make sure you post the video with the hashtag #stopgangstalking and let us know you’ve posted it! After confirming your address and mailing information you’ll receive a badass gangstalking awareness poster free of charge!

April 9, 2016

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