Stop Gangstalking Awareness Group is a non-profit awareness and educational organization created with the intent and objective of bringing awareness and education of Predatory Gangstalking to the public, officials and law enforcement. With public awareness, recognition and education; a step forward is brought to ensure that a citizen understands how to recognize what predatory gangstalking is and spot the techniques utilized. With reaching out to officials and decision makers; an important review is conducted to ensure that proper action is planned to ensure a safe, healthy and friendly environment and community for when anyone under their management or leadership reports some of the techniques used. With law enforcement, a strive forward must be taken to ensure that officers are properly educated and trained on how to handle situations revolving around any of the techniques associated with Predatory Gangstalking and to make sure that the community they serve and their own self are both safe and secure.

Public awareness is an important component to the movement as public awareness, education and recognition brings with it a societal concern of the dangers of the techniques utilized in Predatory Gangstalking. Public awareness is achieved thru effective social media and internet marketing campaigns tied in with out in the field activism campaigns. A significant social networking and media presence combined with educational yet entertaining videos published online to further bring awareness to the public brings significant potential for the movement to become viral and gain significant traction in politics, culture and legislation. This combined with on-site and planned event activism campaigns, provides an effective approach to bring awareness to the masses.

With public awareness, further pressure will be brought to officials and decision makers to take action and prevent their community, organization or environment their responsible for from becoming a hostile, negative or unsafe environment. Proactive measures must be taken to ensure an action plan is formulated for individuals who report some of the techniques utilized with predatory gangstalking. Furthermore and apart of this are solutions that can be implemented to monitor the environment from measurable fluctuations caused by covert weaponry being used within their community or premises to ensure a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for all under their leadership or management. With the combination of proper security, action plans and even legislation, officials and leaders can provide a proper solution for problems within their responsibilities.

Moving forward, working with law enforcement departments and jurisdictions is also an important component to ensure that reports and encounters of the techniques used are properly handled. Furthermore influencing law enforcement to properly train and equip their officers to detect and defend themselves from some of the associated techniques and more-specifically the type of weaponry utilized is an important component to combat these problems. This is an important component because officers, security teams and detectives out in the field are vulnerable of being assaulted by direct-energy weapons during many of their encounters and assignments out in the field. Dangerously, officers presently do not commonly have the proper tools or training to detect and defend themselves or the community they serve from covert energy-based weaponry. To emphasize on the reality of this issue, energy-based weapons can even be constructed from consumer available materials and with the proper knowledge and education, practically anyone can build a highly effective yet covert homemade weapon. In reality, departments and jurisdictions need to devise proper action plans and ensure equipment is provided for when situations involving covert energy-based weapons arise so that a proper investigation and prosecution can be conducted.

Predatory Gangstalking is a vicious yet covert way to sabotage, harass and bully an individual to be discredited, sabotaged, and even have their life put in ruins. With it brings a number of serious and problematic techniques that need to be addressed and solved on many different levels. Public awareness along with influencing and educating officials and law enforcement will allow a number of solutions to be implemented and a difference to really be made.

And lastly.. Just Be Aware.

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