Why Are the Police or Government Not Doing Anything?

Because proving predatory gangstalking is very challenging to prove with today’s laws and recognition. Furthermore, describing gangstalking to an unaware officer may lead an officer to believe the victim has mental illness due to the covert and effective nature of the harassment. However some local, county and state police departments have recognized gangstalking. But the challenge […]

Could Mental Illness Be a Factor?

Absolutely. And it’s for this reason that it is recommended that anyone experiencing these symptoms take a mental health evaluation in an intelligent fashion. Keep in mind that emulating mental illness to an outside observer is typically a major goal of gangstalking and is accomplished fairly easily within today’s hyper-connected world and with the resources […]

Why Would Anyone Ever Initiate or Fund a Gangstalking?

A “gangstalking” is funded as a means to cover up crime across a white collar and criminal underworld spectrum. It can also be utilized as a means to conceal information from leaking via media outlets, activism or whistleblowing.  Furthermore it can be used as a method of intimidation, punishment, or even revenge. An example would be perhaps […]

Who and What Type of Organizations Utilize Gangstalking?

Generally speaking and within North America, criminal organizations and syndicates will use gangstalking as extortion, indirect murder and as a tool to cover up crimes. Also, seemingly legitimate business operations will utilize gangstalking to keep corruption or shady business practices out of the public eye in the situation an individual could become vocal about their knowledge of […]

Is Predatory Gangstalking a Support Group Dynamic?

Some articles and references will state that predatory gangstalking is just a support group dynamic and this brings up an extremely valid point. While a gangstalking community has grown online, this community consists of a few different demographics. This demographic ranges from authentic victims, criminals posing as victims who act as part of astroturfing or […]