Tell the World to “Stop Gangstalking!”

Building an anti-stalking culture is a huge objective of Stop Gangstalking Awareness Group and a big part of building healthy, comfortable and positive communities. Gangstalking roots from hate crimes, criminal activity along with abuse of power within the justice system. With an anti-stalking culture brings with it a positive shift forward and a recognition that […]

What Can A Victim of Gangstalking Do to Protect Themself?

Victims of Gangstalking can face enduring, extreme cases of hardship. Hardship that can stem from a level of control put into their life, environment and relationships. The most important thing that a victim can do is record and document suspicious or directly related events associated with their campaign of stalking. This “case” that is built […] – New plan for national register of stalkers like rapists and paedophiles

Quoted from “Campaigners met Government ministers after a series of high-profile cases where women were murdered by their controlling former partners. It would put stalkers on the same footing as rapists and paedophiles. They would be closely monitored and have to tell police if they start a relationship or change address. Hollywood star Keira Knightley, […]

Gangstalking Support from England and Wales

It seems that new stalking laws and orders are being put forward in England and Wales that will better protect victims at the earliest stage. Home Secretary Amber Rudd said the protection orders being proposed are a “practical solution to a crime taking place right now.” This is fantastic news for gangstalking victims currently living […]

The Dillemma of Gangstalking and Astroturfing

Gangstalking and it’s proper definition as a social movement is currently in peril. Presently if you are to search the term “gangstalking” or even “targeted individual” you will find a large amount of bizarre information that varies vastly in consistency and accuracy. You’ll observe mentions of some type of “MK” or “Monarch” program, experimentation for […]

Declassification of Microwave Hearing – US Army

Microwave hearing (AKA V2K) has been a topic within gangstalking communities and conspiracy theory communities for quite some time. What is questionably never discussed within these communities is the fact that official documentation declassified by the US Army thru the Freedom of Information Act has actually proven that these technologies exist. Below is a link to the […]

Print Your Own Gangstalking Awareness Swag and Flyers!

Would you like to help make difference by printing and distributing gangstalking awareness posters? All you have to do is download one of the templates provided below and get it printed with your favorite printer. Currently, has served the movement outstandly well and is a good place to start. Gangstalking Awareness Stickers Gangstalking Awareness Posters

Defining “Targeted Individual”

Targeted Individual is a term that has faced some serious challenges in regards to reaching proper definition and recognition. If you are to search the term, you’ll find information ranging from a limited perspective to even the flat out absurd. With that said, there is no denying that criminal targeting of many types exists worldwide […]

Are You Aware Yet?

Are You Aware Yet?

Predatory Gangstalking is an umbrella term describing a series of techniques utilized by organized crime and corrupt networks to instill mental instability within a victim with the intent to discredit, sabotage, harass, extort and even drive a victim to suicide. Techniques such as mind games, perception manipulation, organized stalking, covert harassment, constant surveillance and even […]

What is Predatory Gangstalking?

Predatory gangstalking is an umbrella term used to describe a series of techniques utilized by organized crime and corrupt networks to instill mental instability within a victim. Continuing further, the techniques of gangstalking can be considered to be highly coordinated acts of crime and terror utilized with the intent to harass an individual through a mob of […]

What is Electronic Harassment?

Electronic harassment is the utilization of an electronic device or direct energy weapons used with the intent to impair, harass, manipulate or sabotage an individual. This is a technique that is utilized in tandem to significantly enhance the effects of the already effective tactics used in predatory gangstalking. At it’s origin, electronic harassment is the use […]

Why Are the Police or Government Not Doing Anything?

Because proving predatory gangstalking is very challenging to prove with today’s laws and recognition. Furthermore, describing gangstalking to an unaware officer may lead an officer to believe the victim has mental illness due to the covert and effective nature of the harassment. However some local, county and state police departments have recognized gangstalking. But the challenge […]

Could Mental Illness Be a Factor?

Absolutely. And it’s for this reason that it is recommended that anyone experiencing these symptoms take a mental health evaluation in an intelligent fashion. Keep in mind that emulating mental illness to an outside observer is typically a major goal of gangstalking and is accomplished fairly easily within today’s hyper-connected world and with the resources […]

Why Would Anyone Ever Initiate or Fund a Gangstalking?

A “gangstalking” is funded as a means to cover up crime across a white collar and criminal underworld spectrum. It can also be utilized as a means to conceal information from leaking via media outlets, activism or whistleblowing.  Furthermore it can be used as a method of intimidation, punishment, or even revenge. An example would be perhaps […]

Who and What Type of Organizations Utilize Gangstalking?

Generally speaking and within North America, criminal organizations and syndicates will use gangstalking as extortion, indirect murder and as a tool to cover up crimes. Also, seemingly legitimate business operations will utilize gangstalking to keep corruption or shady business practices out of the public eye in the situation an individual could become vocal about their knowledge of […]

What is Gangstalking Disinformation?

Gangstalking is a type of stalking that is facing some serious challenges as it reaches a pure definition. Presently gangstalking is defined as a type of group or stranger stalking with a harassing or malicious intent. However a quick google search of the term will yield a bizarre range of results. These results can vary […]